Welcome to the world of my random musings

For years, many of my friends have encouraged me to start a blog.  I guess it is about time to listen.

What do I have to offer?  I think about random things at all times and I really enjoy writing about them.  My background is very eclectic so I really don’t know what I’ll be writing about until I think of it.  This blog has no theme.  If George Carlin (R.I.P) hadn’t used the title “Brain Droppings,” I would have used that as the title of this blog.

I might come at things from my educational background.  My degrees are in Psychology, Sociology, Military Science, and Biblical Studies.  Before I was ready for it, I started working toward a Doctor of Sacred Ministries degree.  Currently, I am working on a Master of Information Systems and following it with a Doctorate in Education.

Another approach might be vocational.  My job history includes electronics repair, shoe sales, military service, help desk, pastoring a church, software instruction, programming, Web development, legal technology analysis, business analysis, and systems analysis.  When I grow up, I want to be a professor of as many disciplines as I can get my hands on.

One other possible tack might be from my passions, which are very important to me, but are subject to change if I feel like it.  Some of these include theology, philosophy, ethics, marital equality (a/k/a gay rights), technology, politics, the U.S. Constitution, libertarianism, economics, grammar, and music.

I’m up past my curfew so this is it for my first post.


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