Desireé Bassett

I first saw video of Desireé Bassett about three years ago. She had great mechanics as a guitarist and clearly practiced a lot. Her voice was somewhat flat and it was hard to get any much emotion from her. In the three years since, she has clearly grown in her skills, probably through more hard work and some really excellent coaching, particularly with her vocals. I have seen her with people like Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent, and the Marshall Tucker Band. The video below was taken in March 2011 on the Boston Legends Tour. The lady has skills.

Desireé has now established herself in Rock music. She has been named as the lead guitarist for Cirque du Soleil’s, Michael Jackson, The Immortal World Tour.  I wonder if this isn’t somewhat of a passing of the touch since Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist for his last scheduled tour, was Orianthi Panagaris (, herself a world-class musician.

I’ve grown so weary of seeing semi-talented teens being pushed as real musicians. Desireé Bassett, at 18, is a real rock star. It is refreshing. There is hope for the future of the genre.


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