I love words.  Demonym is the latest addition to my collection.  A demonym is the word used to describe a person’s demographic association.  Examples include Marylander, American, Uzbek, and of course, New Yorker.  Here is an excellent demonyms page –

There is a little story behind discovering this one.  It gives a bit of insight into some of my daily activities.  I was chatting with Lois (my wife) at dinner and she asked me if I had any interesting Words with Friends (online scrabble) games lately.  This came to mind to her because she was musing over how some of her co-workers like to use one of the multitude of cheat programs out there.  It makes no sense to her how people can enjoy playing a 152 point word they don’t even know.  A computer program simply told them to play it.  I totally agree.  My Words with Friends player name is i.don’t.cheat.  I told her that I was learning some great new words playing with my friend Eric.  Lois said, “isn’t Eric from Ghana?  I wonder what their native language is there.”  Since in my vocabulary I have replaced the phrase “I don’t know” with the phrase “let me check,” I pulled out my iPhone and checked Wikipedia (yes, I still use it. I have even edited a few pages).  It informed me that the official language of Ghana is English.  It also had an entry in the sidebar on Ghana that said “Demonym: Ghanaian.”  After I got past figuring out how to pronounce Ghanaian with its three vowels and one consonant together (ghana-ee-ahn; not ghan-ee-ahn like my brain wanted me to), I saw the word demonym. I tapped it and now you know not only a little more about how my mind works, but you also know what happened during 30 seconds of our table talk.  This gives evidence as to why after 28 years of marriage, we still have plenty to talk about.


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