Lessons from Acts Chapters 27 and 28

Pastor Don Sharpe of my church, Grace Community Church of Kingsville, MD, preached a message entitled “Rome at Last.”  It addressed the practical applications we can draw from learning about the Apostle Paul’s journey to Rome as accounted for in Acts chapters 27 and 28.  Here are some of the high points:

  • We are to trust God to work, even when the circumstances seem impossible.
  • The Gospel mission requires trusting God can work in any situation He places us in.
  • Just when Paul needed encouragement the most, God provided it.
  • Paul was a testimony to those around him by trusting God in times of great struggle. That sort of conduct is what draws others toward God.
  • Sometimes, in difficult circumstances, we can forget that our lives and circumstances are in God’s hands.
  • God doesn’t always work in the ways we expect.
  • If we are to fulfill our place in the Gospel mission we must trust that God is at work all around us in all circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Lessons from Acts Chapters 27 and 28

  1. We are having a great time study Acts at our church too right now. If only all Christians were serving and reaching out as the Christians did during that time period. What a Kingdom we would have going for God on this Earth.


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