Esoteric Crap

During a grad school class, I provided a solution to a problem by calling upon technological knowledge from over 30 years ago. After having provided the solution, I said:

Doctors say if I keep forcing myself to remember enough of this esoteric crap that’s deep in long-term storage, I may just avoid getting Alzheimer’s.

The professor’s response was:

“esoteric crap”
Is that what you call it!? And I thought I was full of useless trivia! Thanks for the new term!

As any person that makes regular use of esoteric crap knows, it is distinct from useless trivia. I explained to the professor:

Useless trivia is knowing that the word “crap” does not find its origin in the name of the man who invented many key parts to improve the water closet, Thomas Crapper. That knowledge is useless trivia because it never was and will never be important. Esoteric crap is arcane knowledge that while formerly important, serves no present day purpose other than to add color to the speech of its purveyors and potentially boost their flagging egos. I am full of esoteric crap.

She appreciated the clarification.


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