2 thoughts on “Truly relaxing activities

  1. Sure. Here are a few:

    – Taking a bicycle ride purely for pleasure without a particular purpose, destination, or to fulfill the requirements of an exercise program.
    – Reading a book just for fun and not caring if you finish it. I’m a grad student and all too often I limit myself to reading for school.
    – Blogging.
    – Playing a game with someone purely for the sake of playing it, not caring if you win or lose.
    – Watching a classic movie that you’ve never seen but you’d like to know why it is a classic.
    – Performing a random act of kindness without anyone, including the recipient, knowing about it.
    – Taking a nap, even if you aren’t extremely tired.
    – Find a music video on YouTube from one of your favorite groups and then watching a suggested video from a group you’ve never heard of.
    – Walking your dog when she doesn’t have to go.
    – Window shopping.


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