4 thoughts on “The power of an entrepeneur

    • Thanks for the kind words. I am not personally an entrepreneur, but I have observed the behaviors of successful people. I’ve recently had back surgery and a i purchased a very important tool called a “Deluxe Sock Aid” from g4medical.com that helps me to get my socks on. It is a half tube made from ABS plastic that is wide enough for be to get my foot into. It has two polypropylene ropes with some simple foam handles. I pull the sock into it and then put my foot into the half tube. After a little pulling, the sock is on. When you are disabled, either temporarily or permanently, simple tools like this give you back some of your dignity.

      In my mind, I envision some entrepreneur with a prototype made from a $5 piece of PVC pipe and some ropes pitching the idea to a company and either selling the idea or getting seed money to manufacture and sell these. I love watching the TV show Shark Tank (the source of my inspiration for this post) because the people vying for the “sharks” money have that entrepreneurial spirit that drives them to take little more than an idea and convert it to wealth, and in the case of the person that invented my sock aid, bless people who benefited from their purchases.


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