Student vs. scholar

I am sitting just a few months shy of my second Master’s.  Three weeks after I get that, I undertake a second opportunity to get a  doctorate, only this time at age 50 instead of age 32.  In one of the uncounted number of random thoughts that come during periods of solitude, I was considering what the difference is between a student and a scholar.  A student sees studying as the means to an end such as a diploma or a degree.  A scholar sees studying as a beginning without needing a particular end in sight.  When I was 32, I was merely a student.  Today, I am scholar.


3 thoughts on “Student vs. scholar

  1. Dear Mr. Andyknaster,

    I have asked Thanefurrows whose blog you follow her permission to contact you. Your last comment you left on her blog has caught my attention. If pleasant photos can cheer you up, a clean comic strip featuring a cute dog will sure to give you a chuckle. She has agreed that it was a good idea. So please take a quick look at this. You don’t need to see other pages of my blog. I promised to Ms. Thanefurrows that I was not doing this to promote my book. In fact my graphic novel will be insulting to your intelligence. But comic strip is meant to relax you. The title is:
    Are you Polite Pooch? Or Bighearted Piggie?

    Have a nice week end,


    • I enjoyed the strip. It’s actually quite appropriate to come from you because in my travels to France, I noticed that French food, although it can be very rich, is served in much smaller portions. The greatest enemy of weight control in the U.S. is portion control. Our restaurants serve huge portions. With a our history of the great depression, many Americans were taught the virtue of cleaning their plates whether hungry or not. I think we would be far better off enjoying the richness of smaller portions than the comparably bland mega-portions we’ve grown accustomed to.


  2. I am glad that you did not think it was officious of me to have suggested my post. You seem to think I am French, but I am not. Generally speaking French people write good English so I am thrilled that my English gave you that impression. Truth is I translated my ethnic name into English and French to make it sound more global.


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