What if…

Please watch this video:

(The non-dramatized version is here: http://youtu.be/0auwCZkysCc)

Is there a man or woman in either party with enough courage to make this speech?  In 2009, Ron Paul proved that he is a man of unfettered courage and conviction by taking his appointed time on the floor of the House of Representatives, making this speech, and giving back the rest of that time to those who would give lip service to peace and liberty to debate a simple question, “what if?”

What if you vote for someone who thinks it’s OK for the US Government to impose its will on everyone? What if you vote for someone who thinks it’s OK decide what other nations should live and those which need to be put down?  What if you vote for someone who wants to send your son or daughter to die on some other nation’s soil fighting some other nation’s war? What if your vote could allow you to enjoy a free nation where your children and grandchildren live to bury you instead of you burying what’s left of them because they had a commander-in-chief that believed it was OK to meddle in the business of the world?