President Obama’s Promise Zones

Promise Zones? Really? The president promised Detroit that he would not let it fail. He promised us that if we liked our doctors and our insurance, we could keep them. He promised us that he would close Gitmo. He promised us that he would lead the most transparent administration in history. I look at his promises like a bad case of gas.  They stink from the moment they are made and eventually they are followed by crap that needs to be cleaned up!


These things I believe

Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I’ve taken some time to be alone, in quiet, and examine what I believe. Some of these are theological, some philosophical, and others are political. They are in no particular order and may not be comprehensive. These are right for me. You may feel differently and I’d love to civilly and respectfully discuss those differences. Here is the result of my self-examination of what I stand for. These things are an integrated unit so if you are interested, read them all first and then we should talk. I believe…

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My Next to Ideal 2012 Election Result

The ideal result for 2012 is that Ron Paul would win and for eight years, he’d return the country to a Constitutional Republic where the Constitution is the rule of law and populist prejudices fade into the realm of repealed unconstitutional laws.

However, the shallow conservatives and RINOs won’t vote for him because they won’t dig 2cm past his elderly exterior and whinely voice to notice that he is the only person among the campaigners that understands the concept of liberty, even when it is inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Chris Christie is too smart to run now. As much as I love Sarah as a person, her abdication of Alaska’s State House mid-first-term will always we be seen as a fatal flaw, even though Barry’s abdication of the Illinois junior Senator seat was identical. I predict Christie will run in either 2016 or 2020. 2016 will be the year if Barry wins 2012. It will be a Reagan-esque landslide. Also, if a weak RINO wins in 2012, Christie has enough backbone to challenge that person in 2016. 2020 will be the year if a decent Two-term Republican wins 2012.

Apart from the unlikely election of Ron, the best thing for the country will be for Barry to narrowly win re-election and accomplish next to nothing while Congress prevents him from enacting anything too stupid. The House and Senate will both get bumps toward the GOP and in 2014, the GOP will own both houses. The takeover of the Senate will be lead by truly conservative Republicans. Ron Paul’s highly visual but unsuccessful run and Rand Paul’s growth as a champion of libertarian ideals in the Senate will make many of those GOP senators “liberty-minded.” The Tea Party will cease to be the litmus test for true Republicans. Instead, conformance to many libertarian ideals will become the standard. Liberty-minded Democrats will also come on the scene. By 2016, the country will practically beg for a Chris Christie/Rand Paul ticket. The defeat of the Democratic ticket will be of Reaganssque proportions. The two poor losers will be the next Dukakis/Bentsen.

2016 to 2024 will become a Renaissance of Constitutionalism, the likes of which the country hasn’t seen since the 1700’s. If the Rapture happened somewhere during that time, it would be profoundly awesome!

Why I am no Longer a Republican

I was a committed Republican since I joined the Army in 1981.  Three years ago, I left the Republican party.  I was disenchanted with a party that was supposed to keep the rights of the people with the people, reduce government spending, increase government accountability, and refrain from the populist notion of evangelizing the world for Democracy, by force if needed.  My president suspended habeas corpus, invented the DHS, blurred the lines between law enforcement and justice, and engaged in corporatism of the worst possible kind.

In my opinion, the last real Republican this nation has had in Washington was Ronald Wilson Reagan.  Not a single candidate, apart from Ron Paul (for the most part), stands for a true Republican platform.  If I were king, this is what I would consider a true Republican platform: 

  • The civil liberties of each person, beings with a unique and identifiable DNA pattern, are protected under the Constitution be they born, pre-born, handicapped, infirmed, or elderly, must be the highest priority of the government, even when that protection inconveniences others.
  • Government should govern at the level closest to those governed; first at the township, then the county or parrish, then the state, and only when the issues involve interstate commerce, civil rights, or national defense, the federal government.
  • Allow no government spending without an accompanying appropriations bill.  If the money is not there or it will not be collected, then the nation must do without the spending.
  • All budgets must be balanced or they will not be signed.
  • All budgets must include the allocation of funds to reduce the national defecit by 5% during the budget period.
  • No person shall be allow to serve as an official advisor to the president without Congressional approval.  That includes the First Lady/Husband and any “czars.”
  • The Department of Defense must be returned to the mission of defense.  When it comes to fighting wars for and in other nations, regardless of their status as allies, we must assume a position of laissez faire.  No soldier should die on the battlefield without a formal declaration of war being in place.
  • Limit the terms of all elected officials and government appointees apart from the Supreme Court.
  • Bar the president from the floors of Congress apart from the delivery of the State of the Union Address.
  • Limit the time and money that can be invested in the campaign of any elected official. An elected official may take no more than sixty consecutive days while on the payroll of the people and under an oath of office to campaign.  Nobody of wealth should be able to fund their own campaign as that is tantamount to buying an office.
  • Apart from brief times of extreme turmoil where no other option exists, demand habeas corpus be the law of the land for all those that stand on our soil or the soil of nations we control.  In other words, no person, regardless of citizenship, shall be held for more than 24 hours without being informed of the reason for apprehension.
  • Restore the process of swift and fair trials.  It is a violation of the presumption of innocence to allow any accused person to languish in custody without due process allowing for a reasonable period of time to gather evidence and perform discovery.
  • Citizenship is a right to those born on US soil and that of our protectorates.  It is a privilege that shall be granted to anyone seeking to live here after they have given sufficient proof of their desire to live as citizens of this country and their not being a threat to the nation and its people.
  • Under no circumstances will the government be allowed to engage in corporatism. Saving a business from failure, no matter how large or vital is a choice the people make.  The government may not make it on their behalf.  That includes businesses such as banking and insurance.
  • Agencies that appear to be redundant or unnecessary will be publicly investigated by a bi-partisan commission and either consolidated or eliminated based on the recommendation of the commission, the vote of Congress, and the signature of the President.
  • Members of Congress may only dwell in Washington, D.C. for a period of time necessary to conduct the business of government, and when that is not the case, they must return to their constituents.
  • The government must afford all Americans equal protection as laid out in the Fourteenth Amendment.  This includes staying out of the business of who can and cannot marry and what marriages entitle people to the benefits of government currently reserved for heterosexual marriages.
  • The government must abide by all requirements placed on private business such as equal employment opportunities, fair labor laws, and corporate governance.
  • Tax shall be levied on all individuals above the poverty limit at a single equal rate.  There will be no tax deductions, shelters, or loopholes.
  • No chattel shall be taxed more than once unless it changes hands as a result of financial consideration.  In other words, no death tax and no capital gains tax. 
  • Unless it is classified as an issue of military secrecy, no business of the government shall be conducted behind closed doors.
  • Finally, the government must be returned to the understanding that it is 100% powerless apart from the powers specifically given to it in the Constitution.

Reagan on Libertarianism

“I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. … The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom, and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.”

— Ronald Reagan